Soul Cleansing Prayer

Binding and Loosing From and To Our Souls.

Father, I choose, as an act of my will, to loose from my soul all fear, all anxiety, all worry, all stress, all striving and rushing and hurrying from my soul. I loose all anger, all hate, all confusion, all misunderstanding, all offense, all unforgiveness, all malice, all bitterness.  I loose all irritation, aggravation, or resentment that I may have towards others or that others have towards me.

I loose from my soul all addictions to any and all drugs or to a person, to a place or a thing. I loose all lust, all pride, all jealousy and envy.

I loose from my soul all occult, idolatry or witchcraft that I operated in (whether control or manipulation or rebellion) or any witchcraft that I have watched or read or was practiced by a family member that I lived with. I loose any witchcraft that is operating against me, through me or through my family line right now. I loose all secret societies or false religions that I or my family line has been involved with. It is gone in Jesus’ name.

I loose from my soul all shyness and lethargy and dependency on a person, place or thing. I loose any doubts, any disbelief or unbelief. I loose any mistrust of God and the promises He spoke to me. I loose all wounds, all hurts, all disappointments, all mental torments, all regrets, all lack, all grief, all loss, all betrayals, all rebellion and all pain from my soul.

I choose to loose all criticizing, all bashing and trashing, and hateful and mean words. I loose from my soul any unkind, negative, hurtful, critical, wounding words, whether they were spoken by me or to me. I loose all unclean and profane words and unclean and course jesting that I listened to or spoke in Jesus’ name.

I loose from my soul, any judgmental and critical attitudes that I have had or that have come against me and I loose judgments I made against people and I release them from my judgments.  I choose, as my will, to loose any sadness, any oppression, any depression, obsessions, any despair, all hopelessness, and any suicidal thoughts of any kind. I loose all rejection, self-rejection, fear of rejection and abandonment from my soul.

I choose to loose from my soul any unclean, ungodly movies I’ve watched and any graphic violence I’ve watched. I loose all violence, whether seen or heard or participated in, from my soul. I loose all sexual perversion that I have seen or heard or participated in from my soul.  It has no place in me.

I loose any spirits of infirmity, any sickness, any disease of any kind or any handicaps-whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It has no place in me.  I loose all stubbornness or refusal to see or hear truth.

I choose to loose all poverty, any stinginess, selfishness, anything that makes me feel like I have to hide or hoard money, food or things. I loose it all from my soul. I loose from my soul all criminal activities that I may have done in the past, either by me or my parents or past family.

I loose all abuse from my soul, whether physical, emotional or sexual. I loose all trauma from my soul including any tormenting or negative dreams. I loose all shame, guilt, reproach, condemnation, defilement, and all sins-whether committed by me or done to me.

I loose all perversion and all deception (intentional or not) that I or any family members have been involved with.  I loose everything of darkness from my soul now!

I loose all lies that I have believed and I fall out of agreement with any beliefs of unworthiness, or that I’m a mistake, that there’s something wrong with me. I loose all powerlessness, all fear of failure or feeling that I am a failure,

In Jesus’ name I am FREE! AMEN!


Father, I want my soul to be whole, so I submit to you and I repent for making ungodly soul ties, and as an act of my will, I call back all those parts of myself that I gave away, right now I call them back into my soul. I call back all the layers of my soul whether I gave them to people, to places or to things.  Come back to me, in Jesus’ name.  And Father, as an act of my will which is a part of my soul, I LOOSE from my soul any layers that I retained of any people, any places, any addictions, anything of the enemy, I loose it, I send it back. In Jesus’ Name, you go from my soul. And now I renounce any association with any of that stuff, you can’t come back and I break, in Jesus Name, as an act of my will, the power of the enemy who has been ruling over me, abusing me harassing me, attacking me, stealing from me. YOU have no power, I break your power and I break all these soul ties now. And I command any spirits that gained entrance into my life through these soul ties to leave now. I am FREE, In Jesus’ Name. I am whole. Amen! Hallelujah!!


Binding the Things of God to my Soul:

And now Father, I ask for and receive your grace for this day and for double discernment and sound wisdom.  I choose, as an act of my will, to bind to my soul Your life, Your love, Your presence, Your joy, Your excitement, Your expectancy, Your creativity. I bind to my soul Your plans, Your purposes and Your destiny for my life.  I receive downloads of your FIRE to consume my soul, so bring it down. I bind to my soul Your thoughts, Your will and Your ways.  I bind to my soul Your passion, Your love for others, Your energy, vigor and youthfulness.  I bind justice, liberty and freedom to my soul.  I bind to my soul Your wealth, abundant life, and health like they have in heaven.

I bind to my soul Your glory and power, the authority Christ has given me, my ability to rule and reign with Him, the ability to see and move in the spirit realm, understanding of the spirit realm, to walk in the spirit, witty ideas and inventions, the ability to have fun and create fun places.

I bind greatness for the Kingdom to my soul.

I bind to my soul Your peace, forgiveness, grace, mercy, righteousness, holiness, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control. I bind boldness to witness to the truth, in power and demonstration, to my soul. I thank You Father, I thank You, Jesus Christ, and I thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your plans for me, my family, my country. I RECEIVE IT IN JESUS’ NAME! AMEN!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

Thank you, Father, that you loved me enough to give me revelation that will change my life. I am free, and my soul prospers!

Have a Soul Checkup every day/night or every time you need it by reading and declaring this. You have to mean it or it won’t work.